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“Frye Family Band in Concert” features five songs (three FFB originals) which have never been recorded in the studio. In addition, four songs from the forthcoming “Things Unseen” DVD are included on this video. Price includes shipping.

Recorded Live August 18, 2017 at Cazenovia Mennonite Church, Lowpoint, IL.

Songs include:

  1. Little by Little    Tom Frye/Jeremy Casella
  2. You Are I Am    Tom Frye/Mitch McVicker
  3. Completely Yours –  Tom Frye/Kaylyn (Frye) Degler/Maggie (Frye) Neal
  4. Boy Like Me Man Like You –  Rich Mullins/Beaker
  5. Knight in Armor    Tom Frye/Andrew Osenga
  6. You Didn’t Let Go    Maggie (Frye) Neal
  7. All In    Tom Frye/Stephen Gause
  8. Creation’s Song – Tom Frye/Stephen Gause
  9. Full Moon – Maggie (Frye) Neal/Rhyan Shirley
  10. Better Things    Tom Frye/Jonathon Frye
  11. Things Unseen – Jessica Campbell/Maggie (Frye) Neal/David Trent/Austin Tullos
  12. Cats in the Cradle – Harry Chapin
  13. Loneliness  – Tom Frye/Jeremy Casella
  14. Three Two One – Tom Frye/Maggie (Frye) Neal
  15. Almost Christmas – Maggie (Frye) Neal
  16. Jesus is Crazy – Tom Frye
  17. FFB Intro – Tom Frye
  18. Song of Hope (I Am My Father’s) – Tom Frye/Kaylyn (Frye) Degler/Maggie (Frye) Neal/Stephen Gause
  19. Isn’t the Love of Jesus Something Wonderful – John W. Peterson

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