FFB on ``Beats``

Ever wonder how the FFB got its start? Enjoy this video that explores the band's journey and what shapes their music.

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“Inspiring, encouraging, entertaining” – these are just a few words frequently used to describe the Frye Family Band. From their tight harmonies and light-hearted toe-tapping songs, to those which will stir your soul, the Frye Family Band shares their music and message with admirable transparency and relentless hope.

``Cats In The Cradle``

from the CD Things Unseen

“Things Unseen” features a cover of the song “Cats in the Cradle” marking the first time the song has been recorded as a duet by a father and son.

Tom Frye is a consummate musician and song writer with a passion for God. We were greatly blessed to have Tom and the family play at East Heights United Methodist Church.
Beau Jarvis
Director of Contemporary Music at East Heights United Methodist Church Wichita, KS
Tom and his family were an amazing blessing at our recent Praise Celebration at our radio station. Their music ministry reaches all ages. Tom’s ministry is very special and I know any and all will be blessed as they meet and listen to Tom and his family.
Vice President/ General Manager, The Lighthouse FM 89.3 St. Mary’s, GA
Tom Frye and his family have a gift of love, family and values that shines through their music, shines on stage in concerts and shines into your heart. The gifts of love and faith returned in praise through the Frye’s, stirs our hearts and helps us praise and when we hear their music it sounds like “us”. It sounds like home. A home blessed by God. They are blessed by God and through them God blesses us as well.
Greg Spencer
Pastor - Cochranton, PA
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