Alive For The First Time


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Songs that will make you laugh, stir your emotions, tap your feet and even lead you in worship. It’s all packed in this New six song EP from the Frye Family Band!

The Frye Family Band wasn’t planned, it just happened. In their early years the three Frye siblings would join their dad and his band on stage for a song or two, but as they have grown–not just in years but as artists–and the opportunities presented themselves, the kids were ready to move from part time singers to full fledged bandmates.

While they have been a part of recording projects in the past, this EP takes it to a whole new level, as Kaylyn, Maggie and Jonathon Frye joined their dad and his frequent co-writing partners Andy Osenga and Jeremy Casella, along with Andy Gullahorn (Andrew Peterson) to craft the songs that appear on this EP. Additionally the Frye sisters moved from background singers to lead vocalists on four of the EP’s six songs.

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