“There is no such thing as darkness, only the absence of light – because light dispels darkness.” While I knew this, it was just the reminder I needed to hear! I also believe this is a message the Church needs to be encouraged with right now as it can feel as though in the midst of these difficult times darkness is prevailing. However, our God is Greater! 

Moving to Nashville has provided many more opporunities for me to collaborate with some amazing songwriters and artists. And over the last four years the song ideas I’ve taken to the writing sessions have simply been what was on my heart. No writing for a future project, just creating out of my heart’s cry and trusting God to use the songs as He sees fit. I have had other artists use some of the songs, but honestly I didn’t realize how many we would be using ourselves. I was pretty confident Things Unseen would be the final Frye Family Band project with Kaylyn and Maggie leaving the band to be wives and mommies and Jonathon graduating college. However, this is not the end, just a new season for the FFB! The new lineup includes myself, son Jonathon, Jonathon’s fiancé Mané and our longtime drummer Eric Reynolds. Mané has been a great addition to the band and if you’ve ever heard her sing you know what I’m talking about! 

Not only are we continuing to make music, but 2021 has been a great year for us. We’ve launched our Deliberate Family Events, had several FFB concerts and have seen more Compassion International children than ever before sponosred at our concerts!  Currently, with one more weekend of music and minsitry left this year, we’ve seen a thirty-three percent increase over our our best previous year!

So, with new life for the band and a bunch of new songs in the hopper we’ve decided to record a new project. We’ve looked through the batch of new songs and chosen nine which focus on encouraging the Church to hold on to faith while continuing to press into God and His call on our lives. This new project, tentatively entitled Believe, will feature Mané on four of the nine songs  

As a donor you get an exclusive look at the full lineup of songs. Tom has given a brief overview of each of the songs including pull quotes to give you an idea of the over arching themes. Click here to preview the songs.

We’ve also added a short audio clip of our new Christmas song Not a Babe Anymore to this page. The recording you will hear is not finished, but will give you an idea of what the band will sound like with the addition of Mané. 

I am also excited about the fact that after learning from many great producers we’ve worked with in the past, this project will be produced by the FFB! This allows us to not only shape our sound, but it cuts the recording budget by over half!

After talking with the band and our management our plan for the project is this: 

We will release a new Christmas single this season, which will be the first from Believe. Then as funds role in, we will release another single or two leading up to the project’s full release. 

You have been such an amazing support to us through the production and release of Things Unseen and consequently you have also been instrumental in the ministry opportunities this has project facilitated, including: helping to build interest in our Deliberate Family Events, our concert ministry, and the increased number of children being educated, discipled and released from poverty in Jesus’ name through the ministry of Compassion International. Additionall, the concerts and events open the doors for so many converstations and prayer with others immediately or even weeks or months following the events.

The entire nine-song budget of $15,000 includes music production, layout and design, manufacturing, and promotion and works out to be just under $1,700 per song. This budget is much more “doable” than the last, but is still a big step of faith for us and one we take trusting God to do what He does best. With that said, we are reaching out to you to humbly ask that as you consider your year-end giving that you might once again join us to not only release these songs of hope to the Church to create more ministry opportunities for us to encourage the Body, strengthen families and at the same time see even more children released from poverty and into the hope of their God given purpose through the ministry of Compassion International. 

For a tax deductible contribution you may either follow this link to our 501c3 with Artists in Christian Testimony International:


Or send a check directly to us to become a corporate sponsor of Believe! 

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Be encouraged!
Joshua 1:9